BRIERLY HILL  Sunday 27th October 2019 

Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema appeared at Intu Merry Hill. As if!

Domesday Outfit - Immersive Sound Mix

“A long piece I made for an immersive cinema experience put on by Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema. This played over the P.A. as punters made their way to the cinema screen through an abandoned zombie infested shopping mall. The Merry Hill centre in the Black Country. The movie was Zack Snyder's interpretation of Dawn of The Dead” – Adam Lamb


This entire setup has been built around the foundations of Covid safety regulations. Our priority is to create a much missed communal experience in a safe and relaxing environment. Forget about the apocalypse and escape into a true cinematic experience.

Seating has been organised into socially distanced pitches with a capacity of up to 6 members. You will only be permitted to sit with the group on your ticket, who you must confirm are all approved under the UK Gov’s definition of a “social bubble”. On arrival you will be stewarded to a suitable pitch and before your food will be delivered to you before the main feature begins.


Between screenings a thorough disinfecting of all seating and facilities occurs as part of a routine cleaning regime that ensures our site remains sanitised throughout the day. Headphones are removed from the site after single use, sterilized and replacements are issued between screenings.

Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema LTD
Regular monthly location: Green Duck Brewery, Gainsborough Trading Estate, Rufford Rd, Stourbridge DY9 7ND


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