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In 2020 Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema brought cinema back to Kings Heath’s historic The Kingsway for the first time since its  closure in 1979. During the biggest disruption to cinema in it’s short history, our Pandemic-proof Pop-up brought the cinema experience back at a time when it’s arguably needed most. High quality visual and sound, in a relaxing open air environment that’s protected from the elements and kitted out with comfy deck chair seating! A collaboration with the Kingsway restoration project helmed by Eddie & Gail O'Callaghan. 



Promo Gallery
Art and Design by Daniel Kearns


This is Kings Heath 1960
Special thanks to Terry Person for this wonderful archive footage that played before each screening. We're so glad to hear how well this footage was appreciated by the Kings Heath community.
Linked here below via 
Terry's Youtube Channel which boasts a great catalogue of beautifully captured candid moments in Birminghams history - charmingly preserved snapshots in time!

Terry and Sue were sweet enough to accept our invitation to the cinema, and we had the honour of screening their first ever viewing of Jurassic Park!


"The cinema has brought some much needed joy to KH lockdown 🌈thank you ❤️look forward to some Christmas classics 😍🎅🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻"
sarahjohn126 Instagram

"The KH community have absolutely loved having you here! The world needs more joy like this - hope you can come back soon! 💕"
parasite.girl Instagram

"Amazing venue especially at night. Classic film the app for food and drink was great."

Daniel Taylor Skiddle

"Thanks Dan, Totally enthralled by El Topo! Great that you brought Jodorowsky to Kings Heath."
Roger Shannon Contact

"Really excellent addition to kings heath. Would love to see if it could carry on throughout the year. Kids loved it, really great way to watch a film. The at seat bar & food service was also excellent."

Sue Johnson Skiddle

"Amazing place too watch a film. Kids during the day then friends with a beer in the evening."

Daniel Taylor Skiddle

"I love the outdoor cinema. Great films I have seen. More please!"
Alyson McCusker Skiddle


"The Princess Bride. First time back at the cinema. So good, thank you!"
Julia Howe Facebook

"We went to watch Dirty Dancing a few weeks back. Seats were comfy and staff were friendly and helpful. Sensible distancing measures seemed to be in place and fairly priced snacks and drinks were delivered to our seats using an easy to use link provided. Looking forward to going again."
 Ruth Patchett Google 

"Always a great night here. Have seen The Lost Boys, The Thing, and Evil Dead shown here and it's always a hoot. Social distancing measures are well observed, thanks to vigilant staff and a good app to order drinks through. Think headphones are available for the mardy gits who'll complain that people are enjoying themselves too loudly, but as they mostly show cult classics, better to just enjoy the lively atmosphere and get over yourself."
Alex Shough Skiddle

Kind Words



FNC Founder, Project Designer
Daniel Kearns

 FNC Project Coordinator
Russell “Jake” George | All in Safety

James Anderson Brown | Film Associates Ltd

FNC Site Managers
Ruth Collins | Gumfingers
Andrew "Jordy" Purvis

Friendly Stewarding Team

Kieran | K JAH


Dorian "Dorz"

Elliot     Amber     Lizzie

Tech Supplier
Sound Light & Laser FX


Headphones for Audio Enhanced Screenings
Silent Noize Events

Additional Graphic Design
Jack Kearns | JKFreelancer 

PR Support
Bev Brown

Special Thanks

The At The Kingsway Team: Eddie & Gail O'Callahan who have done an amazing job lovingly restoring The Kingsway Cinema

Sukayna Najmudin and our neighbours at Screen B14

Terry & Sue Pearson for their kind support and Kings Heath archive footage

Matt Whatton & Scarlett Kefford | Script Sirens 
Vinnie and his incredible movie collection.

The legendary Stu and the staff of HMV The Vault

Paul Metacaffe | Kings Heathens
Rachel Plant & Her Cult Cinema Cultists

Lisa Westwood - Chief Deck Chair Assembly Director

Mitch, Dean, friends and family - emotional support and transportation

The fantastic Kings Heath community who welcomed us so warmly! 
We really hope you had some fun escapism when it was needed the most :) Stay Safe and Swell x
Courtesy of your Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema 

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