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Hello Neighbours, 

FNCINEMA.CO.UK, is on it's way! A much needed freshen-up'date and much easier to spell. Thanks everyone who came and supported our most recent appearance at The Kingsway Cinema between lockdowns. You were all a part of a historic moment in cinema where your support is needed the most. We're just hibernating right now, but sign up to our mailing list below to be notified when our swanky new site goes live. Remember, you can also say HEYFNC@GMAIL.COM and of course stay tuned to our socials. And hey, if you had a nice time at one of our shows, why not leave a review somewhere? It's a great, free way to support any small business you love right now, and it's a lovely self esteem boost at time of unprecedented uncertainty.
Rest assured...

Stay safe, stay swell x
FNC Founder

Thanks! Welcome to the club ♥

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