Do The Right Thing FNW2020
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Hello Neighbours, 

The world is waking up!  Hope you're all safe and swell, it's been a surreal old time hasn't it? Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema returns with more cinema cin'anigans. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified, we have some exciting stuff lined up for you!  

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Thanks everyone who joined us Sundays 7pm for our weekly LIVE Online Film Quiz, and helped raise some money for the NHS too! 


We've launched our new Friendly Neighbourhood Watch Film Club! Expand your film appetite with our curated diet of must see movies. Leave a comment card, a review or make a recommendation! 

Two Minute Lockdown Horror Film Festival, our latest team-up with Weeping Bank Productions. All entries will must be shot on a smartphone with the theme of isolation. Fiend out more at

Postponed Due to Covoid-19 Pandemic
Green Duck Beer Co.
The Greatest Showman feat. Gin & Sing-A-Long with Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema
Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema kicks off 2020 with a Gin & Sing-a-long screening of The Greatest Showman!
Postponed Due to Covoid-19 Pandemic
Green Duck Beer Co.
Baby Driver - Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema feat. Madvinyl DJ
Oh baby! FNC and Madvinyl DJ team up to bring you a special screening of Edgar Wrights 35rpm hotrod, Baby Driver.
Postponed Due to Covoid-19 Pandemic
The Bonded Warehouse
The Thing - Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema at the Haunted Bonded Warehouse
Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema returns to The Bonded Warehouse; the new home of horror cinema in Stourbridge.
Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema LTD
Regular monthly location: Green Duck Brewery, Gainsborough Trading Estate, Rufford Rd, Stourbridge DY9 7ND


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